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by clivef 2014-10-17 11:35:32 on pixiv

 Posted with artist’s permission 

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ah you’re playing the gray garden? i love that game. the garden’s just [clenches fist] so gray

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Bientôt Halloween !°A°

Travail original : Deep-Sea Prisoner (Mogeko)
Fanart par : lady-clepto

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These two are so raburabu~image

Did they get hitched yet?

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(•ө•) | By:さとみ♣里見

※Permission to upload was granted by the artist

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They were super-fun to draw except those diamond things around etihw’s shoulders, those were confusing

Anywho, I hope you like it~ (ノ´ヮ´)ノ*:・゚✧

yESSS i love it thank you friend!! ; o ; ill be sure to get your side done as soon as i can!

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Filters are beautiful

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Welp, here’s my Mogeko OCs so far, which is basically a witch and her familiars. (and animated doll that acts as her speaking voice) I’ll leave simple descriptions for each. (yes I finished the sketch and YES, Uni’s outfit looks stupid. I had the damndest time trying to figure out what good colors to use that reflect what she’s supposed to be, and blue and purple were my only good choices.)

Uni, the Dream Witch- Is almost always sleeping. Don’t ever wake her, or she will kill you. Very gentle person in the dream world, and is always traveling from one dream to the next.

Meep the Sheep- Very meek, is quick to hide whenever trouble is afoot. She’s always afraid that her witch will wake up, and does everything she can to avoid waking her. Is often used to cuddle by said witch.

Joutsen the Swan- A vain and elegant swan. She is the mother of the group, and keeps everything and everyone in line. Often sings to put Uni to sleep when she (rarely) awakens.

Aatu/FloW the wolf- A quiet and unsociable wolf. He likes to read and write stories, especially for Uni. Hates spicy food and cats. He is her closest familiar.

Akumu the cat- a reanimated cat doll. He’s Uni’s primary speaker, and has a mind link with her while she’s in the dream world. Likes being cuddled and hates when he has to get washed.

I might someday either write a fic or roleplay with these guys, I haven’t decided. Enjoy!~

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greetings friends

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